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October 14 – December 8, 2019

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The Challenge is an intensive 8 Week program supported by online meal plans, nutrition and guidance. There are four Challenges spread out across the year with 4 week intervals between each Challenge. The Challenges are designed to give you “life changing” results, in an environment that is innovative and motivating. The Challenge has been developed specifically to help you increase lean muscle and reduce body fat percentage over an 8 week period. You will not only be in the best shape of your life, but will feel amazing inside and out! The Challenge Portal provides weekly meal plans with delicious mainstream and vegetarian recipes specific for males and females. There are weekly video blogs, articles and educational seminars to help keep you motivated and on track every step of the way. You are not alone on your mission.


October 14 – December 8, 2019


If your looking to change your body and fitness levels dramatically in a short space of time, all in a fun team environment, then the 8 week Challenge is for you. If you want to sign up to the Challenge at F45 Fulham, follow our process towards a fitter healthier you. Alternatively, get in touch for more details.
Purchase your Membership and Register

To participate, you must become a member or buy a Challenge Membership that includes 8 Weeks of unlimited training.

Your Challenge registration is separate to your F45 Fulham Membership or Challenge Membership. Make sure you select Fulham as your studio so we can all stay on track together.
Download Challenge APP

Available in the APP from iTunes or Googleplay stores. Easy to use and comprehensive. The app is where you’ll log all your food, get all your recipes and shopping lists etc.


Book Your Body Composition Scans
We record where your journey starts. Using a premium Accuniq body scanner, we measure key indicators including weight, body fat and muscle percentage, muscle mass. Book you appointment on the days provided in the calendar link below. If you cannot attend any of the available times, please email us. We also offer the option to take before/after photos in-studio at the same time. Please note, appointments will only be confirmed upon receipt of purchase for your body scans or Challenge Pack as below.
Meal Planning & Goal Checking
Print the meal calendar and place it on your fridge, so you can easily follow the meals each day. Go shopping over the weekend and start meal prepping for the week ahead. Log in daily to tick off your goals to keep motivated.
Join the F45 Fulham Challenge Members WhatsApp Group
It is extremely important to join our WhatsApp group. This is the primary means of communication during the Challenge and is a good forum to keep your progress in check. Be sure to look out for Weekly Challenge Newsletter Updates on Wednesdays.
Book Your Sessions, Focus, and Train Consistently
Plan and book your training sessions at Fulham. Work hard towards a minimum of 4 sessions per week over the 8 week challenge. Sweaty smiles and high fives (and tens) all round!


Join the 8 Week Challenge – as a Full Member or on a Challenge Membership. Please ensure you have arranged a suitable membership prior to booking an appointment for body scans & photos.
*Existing Members, please note: The 8 week challenge is included in Full Memberships.
You can simply get started by booking your Week 1 Body Scan appointment below.

Challenge Membership

£210 / 4 weeks
£475 / Paid in Full
  • 8 Weeks Intensive Unlimited Training
  • Access to the Free Challenge APP
  • All meal plans & easy to follow recipes
  • Goal Setting information & Daily 45-point system to keep on track
  • Shopping list to make your food prep super easy
  • *In-Studio Body Scan at Weeks 1+8
  • Progress Before/After Photos at Week 1 & 8 (optional)
  • Fulham Fitness Test Class Before/After
  • Challenge Fulham Social Event
  • Winner & Runner-Up Prizes Male/Female
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Join us for our in-studio information forum to talk Nutrition Phases, Motivational Tips, 45 Point Plan Breakdown & Fat Burning Tips and more.



Book a 15 minute in-studio appointment for your Week 1 8 Week Challenge Body Scans & Optional Photos.

Book Week 1 Scan


As you near the end of your challenge, book in your final 15 minute in-studio appointment for your Week 8 Challenge Body Scans & Optional Photos.

Book Week 8 Scan

Challenge Transformations

The Challenge is designed to give you “life changing” results. With some dedication, focus, regular training and hard work in sticking to the meal plans, the results are truly incredible. The Challenge has been developed specifically to help you increase lean muscle and reduce body fat percentage over an 8 week period. If you’re not convinced, check out some of the results of Challengers.
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Taking part, you are the ultimate winner on the Challenge. However we do award a Male & Female Winner and Runner-Up for Fulham. Each Winner will automatically be put forward by our studio in the GLOBAL competition, judged by an HQ panel made up of Athletics Departments, Professional Nutritionists & Athletes and typically awarded a holiday valued up to £10k. F45 Fulham Male and Female Studio Winners & Runner-Ups receive prize packages that are revealed during the Challenge.